Vector Art:

Vector art is resolution independent, meaning it can be enlarged without reducing image quality. This is the preferred format for all artwork. All type should be converted to outlines to avoid potential font problems. Halftone gradients must be between 20-70%.


Outlined fonts are preferred. If this is not possible, send fonts with file.

Software Formats:

  • Preferred: Adobe Illustrator
  • Export files as EPS or PDF.
  • Note: Support files must contain: vector art, high resolution (300 dpi) images at finished imprint size for halftones and postscript fonts. PDF is the preferred file format that enables art files to process efficiently.

Other Art Formats:

The following art formats will require additional art time/charges:

  • Hard copy art that will have to be converted to electronic art
  • Photo copies of art
  • Business Cards (especially those with raised letters)
  • Pre-printed art/sample of item desired
  • Art printed on shiny surfaces


  • Maximum Imprint Area on Screen Printed Apparel: 13” x 16”
  • Standard Imprint Area for Left Chest Imprint: 4” x 4”
  • Standard Cap Imprint Area: 2 ½” x 4”
  • Use maximum imprint area for greatest branding impact.
  • Please email art to or your salesperson.
  • Please contact your salesperson with any questions regarding artwork or printing.